Friday, August 22, 2008

What am I thinking about?

A list of things I want to make:

A bento wrap.

The Small Object's sandwich wrap (top) and how to translate that into a insulated furoshiki (bottom) for my bento box. A furoshiki is a cloth or napkin that a bento box and chopsticks are bundled up in and is spread under the box like a miniature picnic cloth. I have an insulated lunch bag that I got for $4 at Target, but its rather ugly, so I think this would be a great way to keep my food cold while using a tradintional bento accessory.

The super sexy high waisted skirt

I LOVE the way this skirt looks, you see it all over Burdastyle now-a-days, and I think that this skirt will look amazing on my new figure, I've made a mini version of this skirt so I've got the technique down, and I've been thinking about using meansware prints, with subtle pinstripes and texture, but I also love the lacy, flirty look of the skirt on the left, so I can tell that there is going to me an army of these skirts coming out of my sewing machine...

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