Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Newbie Etsy Seller: Mokokokat!!!

Robot Love!!!

These two cuties come from a new etsy seller, Mokokokat. Her robots are super cute and she also has some fortune cookie key chains at well!!!


I've had the very good fortune of being featured in two blogs in my short less then a month etsy existence. my blog is pretty new, but I think I will return the favor, by featuring a newbie once a week (I hope).

my newest feature:

and my other one:

Monday, January 28, 2008

From Basquiat, the movie

Do you consider yourself a painter or a black painter?"

Oh, no I use a lot of colors not just black.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I've been thinking lately, about karma. Yes karma. I believe that life is just like school. If you go every day and learn all of the lessons life has to teach you, then you move on to the next step. But if you slack off, then you won’t pass the class. Every short cut you take affects you negatively until eventually, you get left back and you have to take the class over again. Karma is the head teacher of the school. Karma decides who gets moved up and who gets to stay behind.

Karma isn’t punishment, it simply balances out what you learned, and what you will earn as a reward of lessons learned. The down side is just because you do good, doesn’t mean you’ll always get good things back. Humans have free will and as a consequence, shit happens. It’s an immutable truth in life. It’s what you do with that shit that matters. If some one cuts you off, you don’t shoot them. And you don’t refrain from shooting them because your afraid someone will shoot you, you refrain because you know its wrong.


This is my first entry of my new blog where I will talk about art, crafts, New York, and moe, my imaginary cartoon character that exists in my real life world.