Saturday, February 9, 2008


Or how would you like:
I went to the New Museum, I had to go. I didn't want to, my Art History grade dependent on it. So I went. And I dragged Andre (pseudo hubby aka bf of 10 months) along with me. I thought it would be educational. NOT!!! He was so disappointed he wanted my money back for me. I had seriously delusional and unrealistically high expectations for their show Unmonumental. (I know. I know. I was setting my self up from the start. Fine. Sue me then.) The reviews for the show where mixed, everyone at Cooper said it was terrible, but most of them are weird and I almost never agree with them anyway. Besides anything that can be likened to Whole Foods destroying the soul of the Bowery has to be cool right? No. NOT AT ALL. Unmonumental is supposed to re-contextualize the idea of the "museum" and the objects you place in it. The show is supposed be in 3 parts, each part being added to form a sort of collage of craptacular art (for an unbiased description, click here). It was a bad show period. It was so bad I cant even go into details because I barely remember any of it except the horrible taste it left in my mouth. Blah.

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~Stella said...

Wow. I wish I could see it. Not gonna happen because I am near DC and not nearly as mobile as I would like to be, but I totally believe you.

Because I'm trained in engineering and not art, I usually think that bad shows are just ME being closed-minded or just not artsy enough to understand the content. So, it's really refreshing to hear someone just say it out loud..."that show is BAD".