Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok. I lied.

I am a bad blogger. Fine. I'm sure your bad at some stuff too. But Hey!!! Look!!!! I come with hair updates!!!!

I am about 3 weeks into my locing progress, and I have some nice (albeit dirty) new growth.

root shot, 2/4

I've already washed and twisted my hair once, and I will do so again this weekend after my ski trip. I'm hoping the chlorinated water from the indoor pool will promote spontaneous locing and I will have beautiful long locs by the time I get back *le sigh*. So here is some visual goodness:

This is the last set of TST I will ever put in, Jan 17, 2009

Root Shot:

First Washing, 1/26

root shot:


Nia said...

you're SO funny!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I remember the early's been like three years now...the time goes so fast! Enjoy!